What does it mean for the fabric to be recycled?

All of our designs are made from recycled textiles. That means that they used to be something else—just think of the beautiful fabrics found in a vintage clothing store.

However, what sets us apart from a vintage clothing store is that our designs are new, so you get modern designs made from recycled materials. You will be the first to wear the garment of clothing although the fabric itself is not brand new.


What is the quality of the material?

We do our very best to pick the highest quality used fabric we can find. However, no piece of used fabric is perfect. Because all of our fabrics are pre-loved, tiny stains, stitching holes and small imperfections come with the territory.

Our goal is to re-use as much fabric as possible to limit waste. By re-using fabric, we can save it from being thrown away and give it a new life.

All of our designs are different. Some require large panels of fabric and some require smaller ones. Recycling wisdom has taught us that the bigger the piece of used fabric, the higher the likelihood that there may be tiny imperfections. What can we say? That’s just straight statistics! Thus, designs such as long maxi dresses or wide panel wrap-around skirts tend to have a higher likelihood of small imperfections. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a badge of recycling honor!

Recycling is not about perfection, it’s about re-use.


What is the benefit of buying clothing made from used fabric?

Where do we even start?

Re-purposing used textiles enables us to minimize waste and challenges us to maximize our creativity. We reduce our environmental footprint by upcycling materials that would otherwise go unused or be thrown away. Buying new designs made from used materials conserves resources and helps to promote a greener lifestyle.

We like to think each piece of fabric has a story we are excited to be apart of it. Everything nowadays is new, generic, mass-produced and all looks the same. Where’s the fun in that? Each of our pieces is unique, just like you!


I saw an amazing dress at the Pop-Up Shop, and now it’s sold. Do you have a second (identical) one that I can order?

Sorry! All of our pieces are one-of-a-kind, so you’ve got to get ‘em while they are hot. Sometimes there is enough fabric to make two items from the same piece of used fabric, but oftentimes, this is not the case.

All our unique items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. (All is fair in love and vintage!) So if you see something you love, you’ve got to get it before someone else beats you to it. For all of our die-hard fans, we recommend you to check in with our website frequently and “like us” on Facebook to be the first to hear about our latest arrivals.


If I see an item/style at one of your pop-up events, will it also be available to buy at the next pop-up event?

No promises. All of our designs rotate and change. We may have the same style at our next pop-up shop event or we may not.


I have a beloved Audrey Acosta Designs piece of clothing from years ago, and I want to buy another one. Do you still make that same style?

We make all of our designs in limited quantities, so our collection is constantly changing. We can’t promise that we’ll keep a style around; it just depends. We like to mix it up. Change is good.

Got a special request? We’ve love to hear from you. Send us an email, and we’ll keep it in mind for future collections.


Are you going to do any pop-up events near me?

Could happen. Check our Calendar of Events. We’re based in Northern California, so in general, we like to keep it local. Do you know of a cool event that you think we should attend? Let us know. Our customers are our eyes and ears, so keep us posted.



Not sure what size you are? No worries! Check out our nifty chart below to find the perfect fit.

  • One-Size Fits Most = Typically fits sizes 0-14
  • S/M    = Typically Fits Sizes 0-6
  • M/L    = Typically Fits Sizes 8-12
  • L/XL   = Typically Fits Sizes 12-16
  • P+     = Typically Fits Sizes 14-18
  • M       = Baby-Bump Friendly

Still unsure? Let us help! Shoot us an email, and we’d be happy to give you more info on your favorite style.


Care Instructions

We recommend hand-washing our garments in cold water with a gentle detergent. (Fun tip: Shampoo actually works great!) Hang dry. Once completely dry, feel free to iron on a medium-heat. Et voilà!



We believe that environmentally-friendly clothing should be accessible to all, so we strive to keep our prices as affordable as possible. However, given that all our fabric is recycled, some material is harder to find than others and sometimes more expensive. We know that everyone is on a budget, so we try to always have a range of price points and items on sale.