Our Story

Create. Inspire. ReUse.

Audrey Acosta Designs creates one-of- a-kind, fun spirited, aloha-inspiring clothing. We have been growing, blooming, and blossoming since 2008. We are proud members of the green fashion movement and aim to bring more love, light, and aloha into the world. All of our clothing is ethically-sourced and made from 100% recycled textiles.

Our goal is to show people how many amazing uses there are for recycled fabrics. We hope to encourage young people as well as other designers to get green and wear their earth-loving heart on their sleeve.

At Audrey Acosta Designs, we are always looking for new and creative ways to lower our company’s impact on the environment. Our company values sustainability and environmental responsibility at each stage of the design and manufacturing process. We are big fans of everything organic and natural, as well as everything antique, vintage or recycled. From the paper we print on to the fabric we use, we are always mindful about being green.

When working with others, we seek to partner with fellow artisans and small business owners who share our values of craftsmanship and ethical business practices. We strive to find people who do great quality work, pay close attention to detail, are honest, pay fair wages, and treat those who work for them with kindness, care and respect. We especially like to support others who support eco-friendly practices. We aim to do our part to be a powerful agent for positive and lasting benefits to our community and the environment.