Eco. Aloha. Fun.

Audrey Acosta Designs creates clothing made from 100% recycled textiles. Our brand is loved by island-hoppers, tree huggers, urban hippies, eco-goddesses, soul surfers, festival goers and free spirits. What brings us all together is our love for the unique, our joy for vintage fabrics, and our zest for clothing that celebrates creativity and renewal. Our clothing is crafted in the spirit of aloha. It is this place of love (for the earth, for our community, for life, for art and for fun) that inspires us and nourishes our creative spirit. We are very proud to have been awarded with Green America’s Gold Level Business Seal of Approval. We believe full-heartedly that each individual, as well as company, has the power to promote positive change. Join us and share in the aloha love.